Monday, June 15, 2009

Judgment and Compassion

It has been my observation that people who harshly judge others likely lived a life in which they were (or are) harshly judged. No one likes to be on the brunt end of judgment, but in such cases, try to remember that the behaviors of others tend to reflect what is going on inside of them and how they feel about themselves. So, instead of returning judgment with judgment, simply remember your compassion--bring it with you every where you go.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Unique Mark on the World

Be proud, eager, and honored to share your unique nature with the world. If you were not needed here, God wouldn't have sent you.

Preconceived Notions

Practice letting go of the need to be influenced by others preconceived notions about you, or your notions of what you think their notions are!

The Journey

This Journey is about you coming into your own as you wish to be. You are the creator of your own life experience, so you might as well make it a great one! The good news is you're not alone in the have the Universe on your side, and It's eager to provide you with all that you want out of life. Your only job is to be open to it. Trust the Universe--it's that simple.

I'm taking a yoga teacher training course, and in class the other day a woman shared a great story that I think aligns beautifully with this message about the Universe. She and her young daughter were in the ocean, and she said to her daughter "be one with the fishies!" She and her little one started saying it together over and over, and all of a sudden they were surrounded with tiny little fish that were swimming in and out of their legs and tickling their feet! In that moment the both of them felt that oneness. As they waded farther out the fish began jumping out of the water all around them! Her story made me smile inside and out, and truly appreciate the gift of life and all of creation.

Do you have a story to share?


Freedom can be defined in many ways. Experience has taught me that freedom can be found in allowing ourselves to feel comfortable in our own skin no matter where we are or who we're with. It's an illusion that freedom is provided to us by external sources. If you look closely, you'll see that it is you who provides your own freedom.

Let's talk about freedom. What does it mean to you? How would you define it?