Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living in the Now

Well, here we are, two weeks into the New Year. How are things going? Have you made any worthwhile changes? Are you honoring yourself and playing an active role in creating the life you desire? Really think about it. What are you doing right now that is contributing to your experience of life at this very moment? How are you creating well-being and peace of mind in your present? What are you doing to enhance your now?

When you break it down, all we ever really have is the very moment we are living in. The past is over and the future hasn't arrived yet. Certainly it’s a good idea to think about the future, but it’s now and only now that we have an opportunity to prepare for the future. And even the future can only be experienced in the now…not right now, but in the now that will be at that time. Following me? If not, you’ve got to read Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, or The Power of Now. Great books—very awakening and inspiring—as long as they are accompanied with an open mind.

The purpose of focusing on the importance of the present moment isn't to dismiss the past because the past can certainly teach us a thing or two about how to live in the moment. The fact of the matter is we can't change the past, and therefore, there is no true benefit to spending our time and energy fixating on it. On the flip side, if we are always focused on the future we are not plugged in to the present moment, which is the only time we can experience life and take action to create the future we desire. How we spend our time right now directly affects our experience of life in the current moment, and can give us a somewhat accurate idea of the path we’re paving to the future. The truth is this; the only opportunity we get to experience our life is right now. Life is always in the now. When your future gets here it won't be will be in the now.

So, I ask you again…how are you spending your now? Are you spending it doing what needs to be done? Are you engaging in self-care? Are you taking responsibility for your own life? Are you shedding light and clarity on your needs and desires, and orchestrating movement toward attaining them?

Living in the now…what does this mean to you?

Peace and Love,


  1. Good stuff Terri. always good to hear more truth.


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  3. Thanks for your comment, Donovan.